Who We Are

The ESI Advantage

Look closely at ESI and you’ll discover a tradition of excellence that has fueled individual and corporate successes all over the world. Since 1981, ESI has served Fortune Global 500 companies across the world to improve business performance.

Our reputation as an industry leader in project management training and consulting is unsurpassed.

Our programmes undergo rigorous review and change to reflect the latest practices and your changing needs.

Professional Certificates

More than just quality training, ESI gives our delegates the credentials that mark them as experts in their organisations. We offer certificate tracks in the following programmes:

  • Associate’s Certificate in Project Management
  • Master’s Certificate in Project Management
  • Associate’s Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Master’s Certificate in Business Analysis
  • Professional Certificate in Business Skills
  • NEW! Associate’s Certificate in Agile Practices
  • NEW! Master’s Certificate in Agile Practices

If you’re a returning delegate, or just looking to maintain professional certification, you can obtain Professional Development Units (PDU) from ESI’s programmes.

Solid Credentials

  • An academically rigorous training programme backed by The George Washington University in Washington, DC, United States
  • Designated Charter Global Registered Education Provider by the Project Management Institute
  • Authorised Provider of continuing education and training programmes by the International Association for Continuing Education and Training (IACET)
  • Courses recommended by The American Council on Education’s (ACE) College Credit Recommendation programme (CREDIT) for undergraduate credit.

Commitment to service

ESI’s customer service representatives and corporate programme managers are always available to help you stay on track and choose courses that are right for you and your company. From the moment you register until the moment you use new skills on the job, there is someone there to answer questions, discuss goals and iron out details – someone who knows you personally and cares about your success. Our Course Advisors are available to help you plan your certificate or select courses that best meet your needs and career goals.

Anytime, Anywhere Training

  • Get everyone onboard and on the same page fast with ESI training at your location.
  • Go global. ESI’s e-Training programme uses the power of the Internet to reach students anywhere, anytime.

Expert Instructors

ESI instructors are also expert project and business analysis practioners . Instructors must undergo a rigorous selection process and are chosen for their expertise and ability to communicate that expertise and engage participants in constructive problem-solving.